Explore the future possibilities of 5G with HKT

HKT is launching the city’s first-ever carnival to demonstrate 5G communications technology.

Located at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, the HKT 5G Tech Carnival will be held from 13-16 June. Spanning 101,000 square feet, the two-storey exhibition will be divided into seven zones: 5G & Smart City, Enterprise Solutions, FinTech, Global Network, Revolutionised Ecosystem, Mobile Solutions, and Smart Living.

The carnival – in support of the Hong Kong SAR government’s Smart City vision – is positioned as an opportunity for visitors to discover emerging technologies, including 5G, artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, data analytics, and cloud computing.

“The carnival showcases how 5G and smart city solutions from HKT enable people to lead smarter, safer and healthier lifestyles in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, and how businesses may benefit from the latest technologies,” said Susanna Hui, group managing director of HKT.

In the 5G & Smart City zone, visitors can learn how to apply 5G technology to various industries, while they can also try out specialist equipment and attend a live demonstration to sample the benefits of high speed and low latency via the use of a variety of devices and applications.

As the 5G network will be the backbone of a smart city, the Smart City division of the 5G & Smart City zone will showcase – through strategically deployed sensors and smart-street furniture – the role it will play.

The second zone, Enterprises Solutions, will demonstrate how technology changes our lifestyles and how to do business. It will also showcase end-to-end solutions designed for different industries, smart developments for the Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

As for FinTech, the dedicated zone will explore mobile payments, electronic payments for SMEs, O2O solutions, and insurance services.

PCCW Global – the international arm of HKT – bridges the gap between Hong Kong and the world. In the Global Network zone, visitors will get a first-hand experience of digital platform solutions, cloud connectivity, network and data protection, unified communications, and security. PCCW Global will also help customers expand their businesses to foreign countries.

Meanwhile, the Revolutionising Shopping and Leisure Ecosystem zone will demonstrate HKT’s rewards programme, online marketplace, and state-of-the-art travel experiences.

As mobiles are inseparable from people’s daily lives, the Mobile Solutions zone will showcase the latest 5G smartphones and other flagship devices from leading manufacturers. Meanwhile, the Smart Living zone how innovative uses of smart home technologies – such as lighting, curtains, and various appliances – improve our daily lives.

“With a futuristic spatial design, the exhibition enables visitors to get a first-hand impression of how we can help businesses improve operational efficiencies, sales, and customer relationships,” Hui said. In addition to the exhibition zones, a conference featuring prominent industry leaders and influencers – as well as device manufacturers and technology providers – will take place on 13-14 June to explore trends and aims to create a platform for innovation in Hong Kong.

Last, but not least, HKT will organise the first 5G Tech Concert on 15 June. It will integrate the latest technologies into an on-site performance by singers, including Kay Tse, Louis Cheung, Canto pop group MIRROR, and Andy Leung and King Wu from Canton pop group C AllStar.

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