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Facebook ROI trumps TV and magazines for Estée Lauder

It’s official, Facebook ads can be more effective than TV ads.

Estée Lauder’s Facebook ad campaign in Taiwan proved to be more than 40 times more effective at reaching the right audiences than TV ads.

Running on News Feed on desktop and mobile for two months, the ad campaign aimed to reach women in Taiwan in its target age group on their digital devices to back its new product Resilience Lift Diamond. It also aimed to measure the Facebook Ads against other media platforms.

To ensure maximum impact, the beauty company adopted a target block in News Feed for 30 to 45-year-old Taiwanese women – a media option for sponsored stories run for three days with a guaranteed number of impressions for the target audience.

As measured by Millward Brown, the Facebook campaign was 40 times more efficient at reaching the target audience than TV and 5 times more efficient than other digital media.

The two-month campaign also reported a 40% increase in aided awareness of the product; and a 50% increase in total spontaneous awareness of Estée Lauder.

The returns also trumped magazine ads. The ads were 50 times more efficient in driving brand metrics than advertising in magazines.

“Facebook proved to be far more effective than other media platforms we’ve used at both reaching our target audience and getting them to recall our advertising messages,” said Eva Chen, marketing manager at Estée Lauder Taiwan.

“And given how many people in Taiwan access the internet through their smartphones, Facebook was an efficient way of reaching mobile users.”

Photo courtesy to Estée Lauder

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