Ella Koon on building a strong personal brand

Ella Koon started her social media journey six years ago after posting a video of herself on YouTube.

And now, from photos to tweets and video content, the singer and actress connects with her fans on a level that brands can only hope to achieve.

With a collection of more than one million fans across Instagram, Weibo, Facebook and YouTube, she has crafted a cheerful personal image.

Instead of music videos or live concert footage, Koon opts for a more personal approach by distributing her own unregulated music content, narrative videos about her private life and even self-made make-up tutorials and travel programmes.

This strategy, built solely on social media, has earned her a range of brand ambassador opportunities from Dettol to Nokia and the latest, Revlon.

In an interview with Koon, Marketing finds out her four top tips to building a personal brand on social media.

Be genuine

The beauty of social media is you can transparently tell people who you are by sharing daily life’s trivia. The critical point is to be truly authentic with your audiences. Everyone has had ups and downs and I am not ashamed of sharing the low moments in my life. While emotion is the key to viral success, the likes of sentimental videos based on true stories help maintain a sense of authenticity in order to build stronger personal connections with audiences.

Be simple

I don’t calculate much. Entrepreneurs focus too heavily on ROI, but what’s most overlooked is the fun in it. People can sense whether or not you truly enjoy your own content, or the process of creating content. My many make-up clips on YouTube, for instance, are made for my own enjoyment and entertainment, on top of my audiences’ demands on make-up tutorials. One has to enjoy the process of creating content to make it good and cheerful.

Be precise

Personally speaking, Instagram is more preferable due to the beauty of its simplicity. Unlike Facebook, Instagram allows only square photos sharing, leaving the layout uncluttered and direct. While people fiddle with social platforms in search for instant updates and momentary information, what we provide should not be any more complicated than a picture sharing daily encounters, or a video unveiling the deeper you. In social media communication, text appears not as human as pictures and videos. An imagery is worth a thousand words.

Be interactive

The relationship between celebrities and fans has gone beyond one-way delivery onto an interactive level, more like a conversation. Creating social content is just a trigger point, but what’s above is to maintain the connection with fans by responding on a regular basis.

One bonus is that social media appears to be a mirror and the comments are feedback on my career, so as to my life. By giving audiences what they ask for, such as new tracks, make-up tips and stories from my daily life, I gain from their feedback. It’s a win-win.

Jennifer Chan
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