Elements partners with Saint-Louis to launch HK$8.8m crystal Christmas tree

With Christmas just around the corner, Elements has partnered with Saint-Louis, the French crystal manufacturer and part of the Hermès Group, to launch “A Crystal Tale” Christmas decorations.

This decorations are inspired by the enchanted Vosges Forest in France, centred around a six-metre-high crystal chandelier Christmas tree which is co-curated by ELEMENTS and Saint-Louis. Comprising 24 classic Royal chandeliers with over 20,000 crystal pieces handmade by Saint-Louis in France, this exclusive Christmas tree is a masterpiece created by craftsmen taking 1,500 man-hours. This unique crystal artwork is worth HK$8.8 million.


The installation also comes with the “Dazzling Crystal Exhibits” showcasing five priceless historical crystal artworks of art from Saint-Louis Museum, including the Louis II de Bavière Vase with over 160 years of history, the George Sand Vase, and the Giant Piédouche paperweight. Alongside, the interactive “Sparkling Starry Road”, the “Celebration in Colours” House with crystal exhibits, and  “Dazzling Video Zone” photo booth are also featured.

Dazzling Video Zone

The sparkling decorations enrich the festive ambience in the mall, and various photo points have been strategically installed in different locations to encourage customer engagement and to generate a viral presence on social media. An array of happenings, performances, and tactical promotions have also been arranged to draw patronage and induce customer spending,” according to a statement from Elements to Marketing.

While many other shopping malls are launching massive projects for Christmas decorations, Elements said collaboration and partnership is one of its key strategies to stand out from others. “Through our frequent collaboration with international brands and art groups, we have been staging a huge variety of large-scale art installations to further enrich the artistic and cultural ambience at the mall, and bringing our customers wave after wave of new surprises.”

“The right collaborative partnerships are vital to operating a sustainable shopping mall while simultaneously establishing our brand value and creating a strong community of discerning shoppers. We believe that a partnership with Saint-Louis would bring a multi-dimensional experience to Elements, we hope to display Saint-Louis’ amazing history in ways that personally engage and inspire our shoppers.”

Saint-Louis – Magnificent Crystal Artworks and 400-year-old Royal Craftsmanship
Established in 1586, with over 430 years of history, Saint-Louis is now part of the Hermès Group, and is widely acclaimed for its handmade crystal creations, ranging from tableware, decorations and lighting to prestige collections. Following King Louis XV’s royal seal of approval in 1767, the company was re-named Saint-Louis and designated as the France’s Royal Crystalworks.

Jérôme de Lavergnolle, CEO at Saint-Louis, tells Marketing about the collaboration with Elements.

Marketing: Why did Saint-Louis choose to partner with Elements?

Jérôme de Lavergnolle: Saint-Louis and Elements both draw their identity from the five traditional elements of Chinese culture: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. These elements come together in a truly harmonious fusion to form crystal.

The shopping mall’s brand DNA of art and culture matches Saint-Louis’ brand position as a trailblazer of fine art, heritage and craftsmanship. Elements’ passion for art is reflected in its collection of artworks, which can be found in many locations around the mall.

Elements as the leading luxury mall in Hong Kong, perfectly complements the splendid image of Saint-Louis. The atrium location is an ideal venue for displaying this crystal tree (the chandelier tree). And shoppers there are sophisticated, with a high appreciation of both art and luxury living.

Marketing: Can you tell us about the inspiration, preparation, and the production process of the Christmas tree?

Jérôme de Lavergnolle: The production alone was an exciting challenge. Everything on this giant chandelier tree is totally handmade. Each piece of crystal you see on the tree is mouth-blown, hand-cut, hand-engraved and hand-decorated by craftsmen considered to be among the very best in France (“Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”).  It is truly a labour of love, and a tribute to ancient glass-making traditions. All possess irreplaceable knowledge and ancestral skills that have been enriched from generation to generation.

Challenge number two is always the assembly and the set-up of such a remarkable creation. Five lighting engineers assembled in 10 days this giant masterpiece at Elements.

Marketing: What are the trends and insights of home decoration you see in Hong Kong?

Jérôme de Lavergnolle: Hong Kong shoppers’ interest and spending power is getting stronger in regards to home decoration nowadays. Consumers in Hong Kong no longer only focus on luxury clothes, they also find home decoration very important. There is a trend for younger customers, too, to enjoy decorating their homes, especially newly married couples. Crystal products are no longer perceived as a classic style for a palace, but instead can be used in daily life in a very chic way.

Marketing: What is the marketing strategy for Hong Kong in the coming year?

Jérôme de Lavergnolle: To complement the mall’s magnificent decorations, there is also a pop-up store at Elements where shoppers can view and purchase a carefully curated selection of prestigious Saint-Louis creations. Saint-Louis wishes to also provide distinguished and memorable experiences through different events, each catering to a specific situation or region.

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