EGL Tours knows the bad rep tour groups get in chuckleworthy video ads

Hoping to shake the stigma of tour groups, EGL Tours has rolled out a new video ad addressing the potential of actually having a fun family trip to a foreign country when joining a group.  

The campaign video, created by Spoon Digital, features a family where a granddaughter and grandfather desire to have a family trip, but other family members are reluctant towards the idea due to the poor perception of travel tours, such as hectic itineraries, early morning starts, and changing between several hotels over a short duration.

Instead of using a competitive pricing angle, the EGL campaign adopted an emotional approach, engaging audiences in conversation to draw out resonance. Starting a conversation about past experiences of family trips, EGL provided an open sentence for audiences to fill out, “一家人旅行 _ _ _ _”.

This is roughly translated as “A family trip ____”, 

“With the popularity of self-planning trip nowadays, tours offered by travel company are not on the top of customers’ minds,” said Vincent Tsui, founder of Tks-Partners. “However, self-planned trips may not be suitable for a family where they need to take care of the elderly and kids. Joining travel tours can save so much trouble. The campaign video highlights EGL’s unique services that can help to solve the poor travel tour perceptions.”

Tsui added that there were many negative reviews on the internet, sharing unpleasant and hectic family trip experiences. “We want to convey the meaningfulness of having a family trip which can be an easy and fun experience.”

Facing the challenge that EGL Tours is highly associated with Asia tours only -in particular for Japan – the campaign also aims to draw exposure to the fact that EGL also offers tours of countries further afield, such as Australia.

The company has launched various versions of the video for different media platforms; an online teaser to arouse public awareness, a 30s TVC to gain brand awareness, an online full version to create engagement, and a tag-on with product benefits and offers to call for action.


Client EGL Tours

Director Nicu Nick

Producer Sogun Lowies

DOP Billy Kwong

Art director Circle Round Ck Kelvin Sze

Copy Kwong Lung

Assistant producer Fong Hoi

Project manager Ar Dee Chan

Stylist Ip Siu

Makeup artist Chloe Mak

Post-production Elvan Lau Nicu Nick Sogun Lowies

TC Allen Cham (Seesaw Post Production Ltd.)

Music D Dome Music

Account servicing Ah So, Chin Chin

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