DWA hires global CMO

Tech marketing agency DWA has appointed Matthew Yorke as president, global business innovation and CMO of the company. At DWA, Yorke will be responsible for applying his publishing and marketing expertise to agency innovation as technology, media and marketing converge.

With a history in media planning, DWA has evolved to offer a full range of marketing services, including full-funnel demand generation, omnichannel strategy, content and buyer journey mapping, as well as social, mobile and search marketing. Yorke will be responsible for leading global product and service innovation and development, across all lines of business. He will also lead DWA’s sales and marketing functions, to launch and grow offerings in market for clients.

Prior to joining DWA, Yorke served in a variety of senior global leadership roles at IDG Communications including CEO at IDG Global Solutions, and most recently as the CEO of IDG Enterprise. He has more than 20 years’ experience in media, marketing and technology.

“DWA has nearly twenty years of technology marketing expertise, but media and marketing are in a period of tremendous disruption, creating a huge opportunity for agencies to redefine their value for clients in an always-on world. Access points to audiences have quickly expanded beyond traditional publishers, and now include direct access via a brand’s owned channels, as well as through ad and marketing tech companies that compile audiences using data,” Yorke said.

“DWA’s strength lies in our ability to access and influence the audiences that our technology customers want to reach,” said David Wood, founder & CEO at DWA. “Yorke’s track record and experience in this sector speaks for itself, and he knows how to use audience building and data to expand value for our customers. This is a significant appointment for DWA and its clients at a time when we are capitalising on tremendous growth, particularly in the USA and China markets.”

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