Droga5 creates a story for Qantas journeys

Qantas Airlines is promoting its extended flight routes with a collection of 10 custom books “A Story For Every Journey” that promised to last exactly as long as each flight.

The book series, jointly produced by advertising agency Droga5 Sydney and publisher Hachette, aims to strengthen the brand’s image as a sophisticated and premium airline.

“In this world of Kindles and iPads, it seems that the last bastion of the humble paperback novel is actually at 40,000 feet,” David Nobay, creative chairman of Droga5 Sydney, told Adweek.

“You only need to look at the bulging shelves at any airport bookstore. Maybe it’s the fact that everything seems so far removed from the real world up there.”

Targeting Qantas platinum flyer which is mostly male business man, the collection spans adventure, crime, women’s fiction, literary, history and romance.

Book covers are designed by art director Paul Bedford, who has worked for The Economist, Sony Playstation and Waterstones.

Quanta Airlines's A Story For Every Journey 1 Quanta Airlines's A Story For Every Journey 2 Quanta Airlines's A Story For Every Journey -2 Quanta Airlines's A Story For Every Journey3 Quanta Airlines's A Story For Every Journey4

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