Dove encourages women to wear their hair with pride

Dove Hair China has launched its newest online campaign, ‘My hair: It has to be my way’. Featuring a variety of women of differing ages and echoing Dove’s ‘Real beauty by real women’ brand ethos, the campaign aims to encourage women in China to stay true to themselves by revealing their individuality through their choice of hairstyle.

In China, unusual hairstyles are often discouraged with women often experiencing strong social pressure to conform with their peers. Based on this insight, Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai developed a digital campaign consisting of an online movie, social media assets and follow-up videos from real Chinese women telling their unique hairstyle stories. Whether long black hair or curly blonde, brightly coloured or wavy, a pixie cut or delicately fashionable, the important thing is, “It has to be my way.”

“Though long black straight hair is widely seen as the universal symbol of Asian beauty, more and more Chinese women in recent years are daring to do something a little different. However, when talking to female consumers, we found many are still anxious about getting an unusual hairstyle because of pressures from society and their families,” said Bérengère Loubatier, brand director at Dove Hair China.

Loubatier added that Dove’s mission is to challenge this stereotype and help women in China enjoy the respect and freedom they deserve, as the brand believes in ‘Real beauty by real women’.

“It’s still very common in China for women to be judged based on their hairstyles – a form of social pressure stemming from both within the family and society at large that prevents women from revealing their real beauty,” said Emiko Nagai, managing partner responsible for serving Unilever at Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai.

“The aim of the ‘My hair: It has to be my way’ campaign is to celebrate the diversity of beautiful hairstyles worn by women across the country, empowering them to stay true to themselves. Whatever hairstyle a woman chooses, Dove can help her hair stay healthy.”


Creative: Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai
Creative directors: Graham Fink, Kenneth Kuan
Art director: Xiulu Chua
Copywriter: Zoe Young
Producer: Eric Lai, Yen Yen
Production house: MT MEDIA
Planning: Hilda Sadang, Evie Zhao
Account: Marina Biglione, Zane Goh, Doris Du

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