Digi shows how imperfection can be perfect in heartwarming CNY ad

What is the meaning of home? Is it merely a place, a memory or a feeling? Digi recently released its Chinese New Year video titled “” (Home), which centres on a young woman who struggles to reconcile with her eccentric family, only to realise that home has always been her perfectly imperfect family.

Through this story, Digi wishes to remind Malaysians that it isn’t where or how you celebrate the festive season, but who you celebrate it with that is most important. The video starts off with a woman who shares pictures of her new home on Facebook, expressing her happiness and gratitude at being able to live in a comfortable environment. Subsequently, viewers are taken back to her younger days when she and her family had to ride around in an old van, which she nicknamed “old scrap metal”. Dissatisfied with the old van and her cramped house, the girl is often frustrated and takes her emotions out on the van by kicking it.

Digi’s head of marketing services Bernard Lee said near or far, no matter where one is, it is the family that makes the home.

“It does not matter where the celebration takes place, what dishes are being savoured or even the number of red packets we receive – home is where the family is, who are the most important people in our lives. From all of us at Digi, we want to wish all Malaysians, Gong Xi Fa Cai. May it be a time of reflection, joy and appreciation for the ones closest to our hearts,” he added.

Alvin Teoh, deputy chairman of Naga DDB Tribal, said Digi’s 2020 CNY story has the melancholic touch of an indie Cantonese movie, complete with a Sam Hui-inspired original soundtrack that will make viewers want to pick up a mic and sing along.

“The emotions that run throughout this tale will bring to light an ancient wisdom; a home is more than brick and mortar, it is flesh and blood. It is imperfect, a little broken, can be unpredictable, but when there is love, home happens against all the odds. Beautifully brought to life by an amazing cast, this very down-to-earth story and its message will remain in the hearts of audiences long after they’ve seen it,” Teoh added.

Campaign credits:
Executive Creative Director: Alvin Teoh
Creative Director: Walter Teoh
Creative Group Head: Shireen Ang
Copywriter : Audrey Wong
Art Director : Yeo Lee Kee
Business Unit Head: Kevin Teh
Brand Director: Lim Jia Wei
Brand Executive: Nickolas Chew
Project Manager: Ivy Chai
AV Producer: Tan Xia Xin
Film Director: Barney Chua
Assistant Director: Ooi BoonTheng
Director of Photography: Jeerasak Intasa
Producer: Yu Lin & Jasti
Post Production: Mecanicca EFX Post
Audio Production: Real Time Studio
Editor: GF Chan

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