Digi and Maxis run identical Merdeka ad themes

Competing telcos Digi and Maxis have launched Hari Merdeka ads on identical themes. Running on the theme of unity, both ads run with the taglines “We are Family.”

While commentors have been asking why the ads are so similar, it looks like few seemed to mind, with many have lauded the message put forward in both ads. (Most of the YouTube comments for both videos have mostly positive comments, a rare occurrence for any video on YouTube.)

Both videos celebrate Malaysians’ tendency to call strangers familial names, such as “brother” or “aunty.

Digi’s ad (pictured) has pulled in more than120,000 views so far, and Maxis over 250,000.

Advertising + Marketing has reached out to both brands for comment.

Sulin Lau, head of marketing Services, Maxis Berhad, came back with this response:When we the first saw the other ad, we have to admit it felt a bit like turning up at the Oscars in the same dress. Same brand message on exactly the same day! But in the spirit of Merdeka in a difficult year for most Malaysians, perhaps the “it’s ok we’re family” message was one worth saying twice.”

Digi has yet to respond.

In the meanwhile, watch the videos and judge for yourself:

Digi’s ad:

Maxis’ ad:

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