Deliveroo HK: Food delivery demand surges 120% in Kowloon East

Food delivery demand in Kowloon East has been seeing a significant rise over the past 12 months as more businesses move into the district, a study from Deliveroo Hong Kong has revealed.

According to the study, order volumes from Kowloon East increased by 120%, with the number of lunch orders placed between 1pm and 2pm doubling year-on-year and dinner orders placed between 7pm and 8pm rising significantly too.

Additionally, orders made between 2pm and 6pm accounted for nearly 22% of Kowloon East’s total order volume.

As for dining preferences, customers from Kowloon East preferred rice noodles, Hainan chicken, and bubble tea. Chinese, Singaporean, and Taiwanese were the most popular cuisines ordered, while Spanish, Indian, and British ranked as the least popular.

Comparing these customers to the popular office-bound food delivery districts on Hong Kong Island; while customers in Kowloon East preferred tasty Asian cuisine without concern, their Hong Kong Island counterparts pointedly plumped for healthier selections. The most popular dishes in Central and Wan Chai included pho, poke bowls, and healthy soups and wraps, with the top cuisine for Hong Kong Island being Hongkongese, Vietnamese, and Taiwanese.

Until recently, Kowloon East was known primarily as an industrial district but as of late a swell of businesses – particularly from the finance, insurance, and real estate industries – have been moving in. According to Hong Kong’s Planning Department, these sectors now comprise 19% of businesses in Kowloon East, up from only 6% in 2011.

And as Brian Lo, general manager of Deliveroo Hong Kong is keenly aware, more upscale offices means more potential online food orders. He commented on the study’s findings saying, “Services like Deliveroo for Business are particularly important to support thriving business districts such as Kowloon East, where hungry office workers depend on great food delivered fast. We look forward to continuing to uncover new data and insights all the time, to deliver the best to customers and set the trends on where our industry in Hong Kong is headed next.”

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