Davis mans up with Maxman

Actor, model, columnist and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Peter Davis (pictured left) is on board as its first board of advisors member.

As a board member, Davis will be responsible for providing strategic advice and counsel on relevant shows catered towards men –’s primary demographic.

He will also champion the internet channel’s initiatives in reaching out to viewers through a series of testosterone-infused events and various “Man Up” initiatives. will be driving advertising on the channel by reaching out to relevant brands and potential advertisers to highlight the benefits of ‘getting into the ring’ behind

Peter Davis’ appointment as a member of’s board of advisors precedes a list of other appointments to follow suit.

Ahmad Izmir (right), CEO of parent company IZI Media, said, “If there’s anyone who knows about what our viewers want, it’s Peter Davis. We could not have appointed a more fitting candidate to inaugurate our Board of Advisors. I truly believe he carries the artillery to take to the next level.”

Commenting on his appointment, Davis said his position will allow him to connect with men like him, using his own experience to bring them what they want.

Having made its debut in 2012, airs shows such as Borgia, Lilyhammer, BAMMA, The Take, Extreme Fighting Championship (EFC), WCG Ultimate Gamer and Top Boy. is a part of IZI Media’s plans to launch a series of online channels offering targeted TV shows and movies in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong.

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