Daniel’s Restaurant cooks up a recipe for success with its first mini-film

Local eatery Daniel’s Restaurant (燉奶佬餐廳) has taken its first step in brand marketing with a motivational video that tells a true story on how the company has evolved.

This film was the first online mini movie developed by Daniel’s to reach out to the younger digital generation, and the first time it has starred Cantopop star and internet sensational Kwan Gor (坤哥), to resonate directly with the younger group.

The mini-film was shown online on its Facebook page and has netted over some 170,000 views since its launch.

The story recreates Daniel’s real story from it’s beginning as a simple dessert shop into a modern chain of eateries. The hero Kwan – played by Kwan Gor – is a young guy living in a public housing estate with his mother. Kwan works hard in a cha chaan teng and hopes one day to own his own restaurant. With his honest, open attitude and can do spirit, he finally achieves his dream and makes all those around him happy especially his mother and girlfriend.

“As a key opinion leader for today’s youth, Kwan Gor’s own humble and hardworking image matches the essence of the brand and adds authenticity to the story,” explained Ethan So, marketing manager of Daniel’s Restaurant.

“The production of the movie is also very sincere and honest. True-to-life 80s background sets demonstrate the brand’s 30+ years heritage and the many nostalgic touches such as cassettes tapes, and an old-fashioned TV set with 80’s news clips resonate with people of all ages.”

Client: Daniel’s Restaurant
Marketing manager: Ethan So
Creative and production agency: WHAZZUP
Director: Adams Chow
Assistant director: Leo Leung
Account manager: Yammi Chan

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