Cummings Leaves Dell For Samsung Role

Damien Cummings, online director for Dell Asia Pacific and Japan has left the company for a role with Samsung.

Cummings (pictured) announced his departure in a blog post yesterday and said he will take on the role of Samsung’s regional marketing director for digital and social media from 6 August. He will continue to be based in Singapore.

In the post he said he has sincerely enjoyed working at Dell as its online director, but admitted there had been some “misfires”.

“I love Dell’s products – sure, there have been some misfires but I believe Dell is on the right track. In my opinion Alienware is the best laptop or PC you can buy (I own 2 of them).

“Dell is also doing very well its transformation to become a B2B software, services and technology solutions provider.”

Cummings described Dell as a pioneer of e-commerce and a leader in social business with initiatives like IdeaStorm, DellSwarm, monetising Twitter, Dell TechCenter and socialising the purchase path.

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