Convenience and speed outrank brand loyalty among Singaporeans, finds Google

With an on-demand mindset among Singaporeans, speed and convenience have outranked brand loyalty. According to Google’s Year of Search results, locals are outsourcing several facets of their lives to outside help, enabled by technology.

It also saw a 44% increase in “near me open now” searches. As such, brands with a physical presence will be able to capitalise on its proximity advantage to drive store traffic, Google said. However, it also added these expectations from consumers will lead brands to choose between differentiating themselves by providing the speed and convenience that consumers seek, or offering a compelling human experience which comes with a longer wait.

This trend of either providing speed and convenience or offering a compelling human experience comes after Singapore witnessed a surge in ride-hailing companies and food delivery services. As a result, this has set a benchmark expectation of “affordable and convenience” across multiple categories, contexts, and needs, Google said.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans are also frequently searching for “cheap and good” from products, services and to accommodation. Among the searches include a growing awareness of and interest in mental health. In 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) formally recognised ‘burnout’ as a workplace health phenomenon. Shortly after this clarification by WHO, Google revealed that there has been a decline in searches around “stress”. According to Google, Singaporeans are dealing with burnout as a medical, rather than an emotional, challenge.

At the same time, Singaporeans are also looking for more sustainable models of work. According to Google, Singapore has the highest concentration of searches in the world concerning research on sustainable working models. These searches include “work life balance” and “flexible working hours”. The report said it recorded a 60% growth in “work from home jobs” searches. The Year in Search report reveals topics that have mattered more to consumers in recent times, and provides some potential directions for brands looking to get ahead of consumer journeys.

Separately, Marketing spoke to several global and independent agency heads on the issue of burnout in the ad industry last year. Majority echoed that overtime and client demands are one of the factors that they have came across, leading to burnout. Many of the global agency leads, based out of Singapore, also shared that they were taking taking active steps to address this issue and were also tapping onto global resources to overcome the issue. Meanwhile, local agencies in the market told Marketing that the workaholic culture in Singapore could also be cited as a reason behind creating excessive stress. The independent heads also said local agencies do not have a safety net or deeper pockets like network agencies do.

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