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comScore introduces extended video reporting in China

comScore has announced the launch of extended video in China. The new offering delivers programme-level insights into online video consumption, providing granular data into the content viewed, who is watching and viewers’ engagement across the video ecosystem on a weekly and daily basis.

Leveraging comScore’s online panel, the new offering provides weekly and daily insight into consumers’ online video viewing behaviours across a variety of measures, including content (programme level, category/genre level), duration (total minutes, videos per viewer, minutes per video), viewers (unique viewers, percentage reach) and demographics (age, gender, household size, presence of children and city/region). With this reporting, content owners and publishers can better understand their audiences, inventory and competition, while advertisers and agencies can more effectively plan, evaluate and optimise their campaigns to achieve their objectives.

Huang Xinyu (pictured), senior vice president, managing director, Greater China at comScore, said: “With the explosive growth of online video programmes in China, it is critical for content owners, publishers, advertisers and agencies to have an even deeper understanding of their audiences and the marketplace. Our latest offering provides granular data and insights into online video consumption at the programme level to help inform better content and advertising decisions.”

“We are so impressed with the comScore extended video offering, as it delivers informative, efficient and user-friendly reporting on online video consumption insights,” said Wai Ren, data analysis director, Youku Tudou Inc. “We are looking forward to even more of these programme-level data and insights in future developments of the service.”

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