Commemorating Bruce Lee’s branding legacy

It’s been 40 years since acclaimed martial artiste Bruce Lee passed away.

But today, not surprisingly, many China-based corporations are looking to cash in on his fame. Applications for the registration of the “Bruce Lee” trademark range from games to fashion, martial arts gear, fitness equipment and even soaps and toothbrushes.

Response to these applications from the national trademark office have mostly ended in rejection. It was not until 2008 when his daughter Shannon Lee reclaimed the rights of portrait and name of Bruce Lee from Universal Studio to Bruce Lee Enterprises and The Bruce Lee Foundation.

In 2010 the office released a statement saying that Bruce Lee’s rights of portrait and its development shall belong to all its successors and heirs, adding overdose would be likely to result in an “adverse impact on society”.

In light of this, we’ve compiled some iconic Bruce Lee commercials in Hong Kong from the past decade:

Nokia N96 Bruce Lee limited edition:

Bruce Lee’s IKEA commercial:

And some recent ones:

Hong Kong Broadband Network commercial:

Bruce Lee Johnnie Walker Game Changer commercial

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