Coca-Cola sweetens the deal for K-pop fans with new BTS packaging

Coca-Cola will be launching special edition cans depicting members of a popular Korean boy band Bangtan Boys (BTS), slated for release at the end of July. According to pictures circulating online, there will be seven kinds of cans and bottles respectively representing each member.

This means pink for Rap Monster, purple for V, orange for Jimin, green for J-Hope, blue for Jin, red for Jungkook and mint for Suga.  The cans and bottles will also be made available in convenience stores and supermarkets in South Korea, Channel NewsAsia reported.

The reaction to packaging has also caused a stir amongst fans of the group, with multiple fan groups of the band reposting pictures and requesting for the beverage brand to make the special edition cans and bottles available globally.

Marketing has reached out to Coca-Cola for additional details.

The move follows a recent campaign the group did for the Coke’s FIFA World Cup Russia campaign after they came on board as brand ambassadors in June, Yonhap reported. This eventually culminated in an ad spot which also features Korean actor Park Bo Gum promoting the beverage, which garnered over 48,000 views at the time of writing. The promotions were in line with the brand’s push for the summer season.

Utilising K-pop stars is not a new move for Coca-Cola in Korea, which also recently brought on board girl group Black Pink to promote its Sprite brand of products. The girl group donned Sprite’s blue and green brand colours in a recent ad spot.

Launching specialised packaging is not a new move for Coca-Cola, which has utilised its cans to keep up to date with current pop-culture trends and current affairs. Most recently in line with the Trump-Kim summit, the brand created new can designs which amalgamates both US and North Korean elements in terms of the language. The cans however, are not intended for sale or distribution, the brand’s social team said to netizens enquiring about the product.