Citibank Plaza rebrands as Three Garden Road

Champion REIT has launched the rebranding of one of its flagship properties Citibank Plaza as Three Garden Road Central.

Formerly known as Citibank Plaza, the property’s naming rights were due to expire this year and Champion REIT saw an opportunity to not only rename the building but also to reposition it as one of the premier business addresses in Central.

Eight Partnership was brought in to assist the company with the rebranding of the property which involved a renaming, a redesign of the visual identity, an update of the signage as well as a full launch campaign through advertising and press.

“We needed not just to rename but to entirely reposition this Hong Kong landmark property,” says Iain Richardson, creative director of Eight Partnership. “To that end, we designed a naming convention that includes the word ‘Central’ and a logo and colour scheme that bring a clean and contemporary touch mirroring the modern lines of its architecture.”

The branding agency also helped to develop the property’s bilingual launch campaign for the rebrand.

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