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Marketers, here’s why your CIOs are bypassing you

The CMO-CIO tension is rising, and it looks like the gap is only set to go further.

Of the key business stakeholders who are more influential today than three years ago, CIOs said that the CEO is the most influential stakeholder in driving new technology trends (60%) in Asia Pacific. This is followed by the CFO (57%), the COO (55%) and CMO (38%).

When asked how they wish their roles to be perceived within the organisation, it is clear that CIOs and IT leaders in Asia Pacific want to be viewed as innovators (69%) and growth enablers (62%). Respondents also hoped to be perceived as playing a key role in empowering the productivity of the next-generation of workers (64%).

However Asia Pacific CIOs believe they are where they want to be, with more than two thirds of respondents saying that they are already viewed as key drivers of business innovation and growth and as enablers of new work styles by internal stakeholders.

But like marketers, CIOs in Asia are also struggling with new demands from customers, along with employees and business stakeholders, said a new survey by Microsoft.

Here are their top challenges:

Budget – 81% ranked lacked of budget as a barrier to adopting new technologies.

Trust – 79% said that security, privacy, compliance and transparency of cloud-related solutions continue to be a concern

Influence – 72% of CIOs felt that they are having to deal with more stakeholders with budget and decision making power, slowing down decision making

In an earlier interview done with George Chua, head of commercial analytics at Celcom Axiata Berhad at Advertising + Marketing’s Big Data conference Chua irons out what CIOs today lack in an organisation.

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