Chrissie Chau under fire over Pokémon stunt

Despite Pokémon Go not yet being officially available in Hong Kong, local celebrity Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) has claimed to be the first catching the AR game fever.

Yesterday afternoon, she announced on her Facebook that she would do a live stream on the platform with the caption, “Exclusive Pokémon Go Real Live”, implying she would be the first one ever playing the mobile game officially in the city.

However, turning out, it was just a video with Chau dressed in the iconic Pokémon costume, pretending to be Pikachu. Later on, some net users found out it was a promotion event that Chau was working on with a local shopping mall.

Audiences were left disappointed to learn it was just a gimmick and criticised the marketing stunt. More than 10,000 thousand net users vented with Facebook’s “angry” expression, and many left angry comments, saying the event was a “prank” and even a “PR disaster”.


Meanwhile, McDonald’s Japan will be the first paying sponsor of Pokémon Go as the game launches in the country, marking it as the first advertiser to test out Pokémon Go’s new sponsored location feature.

The fast-food chain confirmed the collaboration, meaning the augmented-reality game, in which players use smartphones to search for virtual creatures layered over images of the real world, is officially stepping into advertising.

The trade-off for McDonald’s Japan is to host more than 3,000 of its outlets as “gyms” for the game or battle locations.

While players are showing up in droves to catch rare monsters and local businesses are reporting a growth in foot traffic, the move could be a very lucrative one: imagine Pokémon Go players walking through the doors of the golden arches to do battle, and deciding to buy a burger while they’re there – the positive impact is huge.


The frenzy of Pokémon Go has been unstoppable since its launch in more than 30 countries, including the US, Canada and much of Europe. The fever has even sent Nintendo’s value soaring past Sony.

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