Chatime gets ‘Health-tea’ with Horlicks

Malaysia – GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare and Chatime announced yesterday a collaboration to introduce new Horlicks flavoured beverages at Chatime outlets nationwide.

Described as the health-tea series, the collaboration also marks a key milestone for both brands as it represents the first beverage-with-beverage collaboration for Chatime and Horlicks.

Starting Monday (14 January), three Horlicks-flavoured drink variants were added to the menu.

For Chatime, it was always looking for a household brand with a great presence among healthy beverage drinkers.

“Both brands share the same passion in providing fun choices for consumers through innovative collaborations. Now Chatime customers have the chance to access the household drink they have grown to love and it will be the first time any retail outlet serves ready-made Horlicks flavoured beverages, said Bryan Loo (pictured right), managing director of Chatime Malaysia.

“We also believe that this collaboration reintroduces Horlicks as a versatile drink that can be consumed as a tea concoction amongst other creative mixes,” he added.

According to Rodney Tan (left), head of commercial marketing, GSK Consumer Healthcare, the partnership extends the availability and accessibility of Horlicks to consumers.

“We look forward to a long-term relationship, which will extend our beverage portfolio with Chatime in the near future. In so doing, we hope to become the leading fast moving consumer healthcare (FMCH) company in the country, building on the reputation of our brands which Malaysians have come to love,” said Tan.

While Chatime will be using social media networks to promote the new drink variants, its Horlicks promotion will run for three months with six product launches planned for every three months.

By doing so, Loo said that Chatime hopes to keep its consumers in anticipation for new exciting flavours even after the launch of the Horlicks series.

“We believe that our presence in Malaysia over the past two years has been welcomed and that Malaysians are more than ready to explore new experiences with us. So we do indeed have several other flavours in mind after the Horlicks release,” added Loo.

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