Celcom’s latest CNY spot shows 5G’s ability to foster unity and joy

Celcom Axiata brought together technology and family in its Chinese New Year spot titled “A Time For All”. The video revolves around an everyday Malaysian family celebrating their first day of the Chinese New Year.

As the various different scenarios unfold, viewers are drawn towards the eldest son’s apparent detachment from the joyous events, as evidenced by his preoccupation with his device. As the day goes on, the male protagonist hardly partakes in any of the exciting activities unfolding around him and viewers might wonder why.

It later occurs to viewers that the male protagonist was never in the country all along, and that he was actually experiencing and revelling in the festivities from a faraway land, and it was all through the game-changing capabilities of the 5G network.

By leveraging this latest innovation and the connectivity it provides via VR, he was able to imagine himself being in the midst of all the merriment. The most meaningful of which was taking his place at the table for the reunion dinner with his loved ones. Celcom has always believed in using innovations in technology to foster togetherness and connectivity, and decided to bring this to life through the context of the Chinese New Year festive celebrations. The story offers the telco an opportunity to showcase how 5G has the potential to truly make a distinct difference in consumers’ everyday lives. Done together with M&C Saatchi, the film is available on social media and Celcom’s corporate website.

CEO Idham Nawawi said the festive season of Chinese New Year is about celebrating the spirit of family unity, togetherness and prosperity, reminding us of who we are and where we come from. “Today, with the world’s rapid technology evolution, we have a unique opportunity that allows us to share and celebrate this festive season with friends and family, no matter where we are,” he added.

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