Canon EOS R camera campaign tells the “Portrait” stories of Hong Kong photographers

Canon Hong Kong’s latest campaign for its EOS R camera showcases a group of young professional photographers from different stylistic backgrounds using the product, providing their individual takes.

Though the campaign includes the release of multiple videos, visuals, and Instagram Stories for the full-frame mirrorless camera, the real focus (pun intended) has been on inviting fashion photographers Vinci Ng, Deon Wong, and Leungmo, wedding photographer Jacky Lau, and portrait photographer Dicky Ma to tackle the concept of the theme, “Portraits”.

“Canon always strives to support the community of professional photographers. (Our) team wants to champion these up-and-coming photographers because we believe that nothing is more convincing than the works from our genuine users,” said Sheila Wong, assistant director of Canon HongKong.

Through a series of social videos, the photographers – who Canon describes as “EOS R Rangers” – present not only their unique interpretations of what a portrait is but describe what it means to them.

“This “Portrait” series is only the beginning. We will continue to invite other photographers to join the EOS R Rangers and showcase their works – not only through social media but also other media in the long run,” Wong added.


Clients Sheila Wong & Kitty Lo
Agency and Video Production Hungry Digital

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