Can you smell what Pizza Hut HK’s cooked up for Chinese New Year 2020? A durian pizza!

Subverting expectations and localisation are two watchwords among marketers when it comes to customer engagement. Pizza Hut Hong Kong seems to have taken that to heart with its latest campaign introducing a durian topped pizza.

The Fortune 2020 (流年運程) campaign features a Fung Shui master “My Lin Lin” (賣槤槤), a parody of renowned Fung Shui master Mak Ling-ling. The play on the pronunciation of her name in Cantonese has a double meaning in that it’s a soundalike to “selling durian”.

Pizza Hut Hong Kong has said the durian pizza can be used for Fung Shui fortunes, making it relevant as the promotion will extend to Chinese New Year. There are also two digital activations on social media that offer mini quizzes for fans to find out interesting predictions for 2020.

And though the notoriously smelly fruit is not likely to be to everyone’s tastes, you can’t deny this is inventive for the Pizza Hut brand, especially as durian seems to be having a foodie revaluation moment. KFC in China previously had its own durian promotion in September with the sale of durian chicken nuggets.

One fact many enclosed space diners will be thankful for is that the durian pizza is only available in delivery and takeaway channels only.

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