Caltex deepens reach among MY consumers with AI-powered OOH screens

Caltex has paired up with OOH media company Lantern Media to install AI-powered screens in selected petrol stations across the Klang Valley. The additional 24 screens with top-mounted cameras will be placed outside the station convenience stores.

Using computer vision, the cameras are able to identify the type, make, and model of visiting vehicles. With this data, advertisers will be able to better understand the consumers visiting any particular Caltex station through their vehicles, therefore enabling them to provide relevant ads. According to Lantern Media, the screens are expected to offer a new alternative for advertisers and marketers in reaching idle commuters on their journey while pumping petrol.

Apart from benefiting brands, the data acquired will help petrol stations better serve their customers. By identifying how long cars usually stay idle in a particular station at a given time, these stations can address their capacity bottlenecks and in turn deliver a greater customer experience. Measuring 86 inches in diameter, the screens look to ensure that the right audience can be reached to deliver a high impact format of advertising, leaving them with a lasting and memorable impression of the products and brands advertised.

This follows a successful trial run at the Caltex Bandar Sri Damansara, and the brands that participated in the trial run include Nestle, Unilever, Red Bull, Volkswagen, HSBC, Hong Leong Bank and Formula 1. Currently, Lantern Media has over 137 screens fully operational in malls across the Klang Valley.

Co-founder and director of Lantern Media, Paul Leo Versley, said the AI-based vehicle recognition technology will deliver brands greater insights into the audience profiles of target stations using the data gathered.

“Marketing campaigns can then be placed at stations partnered with Lantern Media to better reach consumers from any given category, ensuring that these ads are more relevant to the station visitors. We believe that this partnership would allow brands to deliver more engaging content, with a more strategic angle to maximize ROI,” he added.

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