Café de Coral nurtures young musicians through development programme

Café de Coral works with Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) to launch a series of concerts and workshops to promote local creative music, and nurture a new generation of musicians.

Named “2018 Café De Coral Music Station X Hong Kong Arts Centre Open Music Series – Sync Together”, the series, curated by local musician Kung Chi-shing, invites experienced musicians from different sectors to cultivate musicians and develop themselves comprehensively as mentors and judges in an all-rounded programme of activities under a guiding panel.

The one-year programme will be carried out in different stages. After the judges select the final four teams to participate in the concert, a selection concert will be held at the Shouson Theatre of HKAC on 12 December 2018, where the winner will be chosen by professional reviews and online and onsite public voting. The winner will receive professional training in musical arrangement, production and vocal music through a series of six music workshops conducted by professional musicians in the half-year programme after the concert.

It’s not Café de Coral’s first move to foster local musicians. In 2015, it launched the “Café de Coral Music Station” to promote a local music culture, and encourage young people to unleash their musical potential. The fast food chain store has been empowering young people to discover their own inner strengths by immersing themselves in a street music experience.

Debuted in 2009, the “Open Music Series” is a collaboration between HKAC and Kung. The series helps nurture local music talent and promote a music culture. Outdoor music concerts have been organised in different neighborhoods in Hong Kong,

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