Café de Coral launches food waste reduction campaign featuring Carlos Chan and Michelle Wai

Café de Coral has launched the “Power of Individual 2018” (粒粒力量LOVE LOVE香港)  campaign which aims to reduce food waste through a “less rice” initiative.

The food waste reduction campaign starts from August 14 to November 13. Café de Coral will donate HK$3 to St. James’ Settlement and “FOOD-CO”, a collaborative platform for food support service, when the customer orders “Less Rice” or “Half Rice” for their purchase of rice products.

Peter Lo Tak Shing, Café de Coral Group’s CEO said: “We encourage our customers to order the portion of rice which fits their demand so as to reduce the amount of leftovers and conserve the environment. The campaign is meaningful at multiple levels as it requires active support from customers to bring betterment to society.”

The Group attempts to raise public awareness about food waste and encourage people to change their lifestyles for better with small acts.

Celebrities Carlos Chan and Michelle Wai, the campaign ambassadors, are featured in an online promotion video. The soundtrack is adapted from “L-O-V-E Love” by the Wynners, adding food waste reduction messages into the lyrics to gain public’s attention in a vivid way.

The video was released in various channels including Facebook, YouTube, Café de Coral in-store displays, and media advertising platforms.

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