Bridge Alliance sees the partnership of 11 regional telcos

Maxis has banded together with 10 other regional mobile operators to form the Bridge Alliance, in order to provide services and solutions to attract partnerships and provide customers with end-to-end machine-to-machine (M2M) regional capability.

The alliance sees the participation of ofAirtel (India), AIS (Thailand), CSL (Hong Kong), Globe Telecom (Philippines), MobiFone (Vietnam), Optus (Australia), SingTel (Singapore), SK Telecom (South Korea), Taiwan Mobile (Taiwan), Telkomsel (Indonesia) and the local provider, Maxis (Malaysia).

This partnership for Maxis is aimed to address customer needs for cross-border services such as M2M roaming required in the sectors of transportation and logistics.

“This opportunity is an advantage for Maxis in the local market and our customers can look forward to improved regional geographical coverage and superior service,” said T Kugan, head of digital services for Maxis.

According to Alessandro Adriani, CEO of Bridge Alliance, “The Bridge Alliance with 11 operators across Asia Pacific is to overcome the difficulty to navigate the intricacies of the region and to exhaust on economies of scale.”


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