Brands that should have given Mother’s Day a miss

It is Mother’s Day once again and brands are kicking off their numerous Mother’s Day ad campaigns and promotions.

While there are some really great ad campaigns and promotions out there, here are some brands we felt should maybe have given Mother’s Day a miss:

1. Marie France Bodyline

Because nothing says Happy Mother’s Day than a suggestion that Momma is getting a little… chubby. Why not get her a nice slimming session and plan her diet?


2. McDonald’s, PizzaHut and KFC:

After you have adequately made your mother feel insecure with the slimming session, why not treat her to a bucket full of fried chicken and a greasy pizza slice and beefy burger?
I don’t know about you, but growing up, my mother was highly against stuffing our faces with fast food. I doubt buying her an order of McD’s or KFC’s takeaway for the big day would sit well with her either.

This Mother’s Day; spend a little, share a lot.

Posted by McDonald’s on Friday, May 1, 2015



Now you have #MorePizzaHutReasons to celebrate this Mother’s Day! Which pizza will you get with your complimentary Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie with Ice Cream? Dine-in only. Details:

Posted by Pizza Hut on Thursday, May 7, 2015

3. Groupon

This was sent to our deputy editor Elizabeth Low. Snarky isn’t it?

Would you really want your mom to know you forgot Mother’s Day and hence went to a discount coupon site for her gift? What if your mom was sent the same deal? (Gasp!)

And no Groupon, we on the Marketing team did not forget our moms.


4. HP Printer

I’m a little torn on this one.

While I do enjoy personalised cards, I absolutely do not see myself heading down to HP to get a printer with Original HP Ink because the ink supposedly gives me “brilliant colour and longer lasting prints with 2X more pages than refills.” (uhm,okay…)

Also, I really don’t see myself printing “as many cards as [I] want [to] give them to all the moms in [my] life”.

One is fine, really.


With all that being said and done, there were some really great ads we saw out there.

And to all the moms out there, have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Rezwana Manjur
Southeast Asia Editor
Marketing Magazine Singapore
Rezwana Manjur, a true blue city girl and complete social animal, spends half her time sifting through advertising scandals, and the other half testing out brands' retail marketing strategies at the mall. She enjoys traveling and fantasising over the charming lads on hit TV show Mad Men. Most weekends, she turns nocturnal, except when brunch comes into play.

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