Thursday, 23 November, 2017





Welcome Address


Keynote: Revamping things from the inside out

  • How do you identify when your brand needs a rebrand?
  • Change - making the right kind and understanding what it really means for the brand.
  • Addressing your loyal customer base and ensuring they're still happy.
  • The logistics: how do you execute it and know the timing is right?

  • Hillman Lam, general manager international business, Ctrip


Keynote: Making marketing the masters of data

  • How successful marketing leaders are owning the customer experience, and the opportunity for marketers to bring the customer closer to the c-suite with the right data at the right time
  • How can marketers can take center stage and drive strategic discussions around real-time data to clearly demonstrate their contribution to the bottom line
  • How leading organisations like Mastercard and Japan Airlines have enabled a real-time culture in marketing to solve business challenges and uncover new opportunities

  • Paul Harapin, ‎vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific Japan, ‎Domo


Networking break


Panel Discussion: Part of the plan – experiential marketing

  • The importance of live events and live communication in activating and engaging your audience at a higher level.
  • What role does digital technology play and how can it be leveraged in events?
  • Why integrating marketing activities matter and how it creates successful results.
  • Moderator & Panelists:


Exclusive interview: renewing and reviving an image

  • What can you do to renew brand image and differentiate your brand from competitors?
  • With a brand like Hong Kong, how can you create campaigns that reinvigorate the city?
  • How can you communicate the same message to different consumer segments as well as keeping a coherent image?

  • Tina Chao, general manager marketing, Hong Kong Tourism Board


Keynote: Joining forces – building brands with brands

  • How do you define your brand value when customers are expecting more experiential offerings?
  • How to successfully leverage brands to promote brands and why?
  • Brands x brands: why is it important to fulfil customers’ needs for experience?

  • Jordan Sun, group brand director, Vizz Digital Group


Panel Discussion: Consumers: The royal and the loyal

  • What does branding mean to your customer loyalty efforts?
  • Does strong loyalty help you consumer in becoming a brand ambassador?
  • Can data collection be used for personalisation and does it improve brand perception?
  • While collecting data from consumers is there a way you can you quantify the success?
  • Panellist(s):
    • Cecilia Yee, director of marketing, Flight Centre Asia
    • Paul Harapin, senior vice president and general manager, Domo
    • Carlos Bruinsma, editor, Marketing magazine




Exclusive Interview: Social or media?

  • As networks become a lot less ‘social’ and a lot more ‘media’ marketers, what are the pitfalls and opportunities for brands?
  • How can marketers make use of the right media in their efforts and is the platform better for selling or building brand image?
  • Dark sides of social: how do brand deal with changing habits, do views really indicate success and what happens when your consumer takes you on via social media?

  • Renee Sin, marketing director APAC, ALDO Group International
  • Henry Lee, managing director, Sony Corporation of Hong Kong
  • Rosa Lin, former general manager, UA Cinema Circuit Hong Kong and Macau


Case Study: Constructing content in China

  • How do you reach your Chinese audience in a way that will get them listening?



Keynote: Keeping up with the consumer

  • Is you branding appealing to your customer segments?
  • What happens and what do you do when you need to identify new segments?
  • What are the warning signs for when you need to differentiate your product?
  • How do you meet growing or new expectations?

  • Rosa Lin, former general manager, UA Cinema Circuit Hong Kong and Macau


Networking break


Keynote: Media intelligence in China: Coverage that makes or breaks brands

  • Gaining immediately usable data from online Chinese news, chat forums, and social media posts is now possible, but what good is the data if it can't be actioned upon within a business?
  • Does media intelligence work best when marketers effectively integrate data into decisions on how to position a product?



Keynote: Global brand local market

  • How do you bring a global brand to really connect with the locals?
  • With a market that offers a lot how do you unlock the city's full potential?
  • Why discovering the habits of your consumer is crucial to your service or product?



Closing address