14 November 2018 (Wednesday)



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Opening keynote: Why does survival for brands and companies depend on transparency?

While the range of options in the market keeps expanding, consumers are becoming pickier with their choices. We can easily access to information, become more knowledgeable and conscious about our consumer choices. Why is brand transparency no longer only a strategy but a requirement?

  • The role of data science in marketing
  • How do we deal with our concern over privacy
  • How do brands gain trust and keep the transparency intact

  • Jayant Murty, Former Director of Marketing APAC and Japan, Intel


Presentation: Transformation or Mutation?

Over the past decade, transformation has become the holy grail for organisations around the world. It’s a journey that many companies have aspired to, planned and even commenced. But few have reached the summit, and those that have reached peaks along the way have found themselves more mutated than transformed.

  • Key practices for successful business transformation
  • Adopting end to end strategies to increase marketing ROI and KPI
  • Lessons learned: partaking on leading brands’ transformation journeys


Networking break


Panel Discussion: Omnichannel branding – the outlook and best practices of mixing digital with traditional

Traditional branding is being disrupted by digitalisation, but it still holds a significant value, especially through the tangibles and first-hand personal experience. Learn about the methods of the traditional that proves that it still remains an important part of successful marketing.

  • Online versus offline branding - pros and cons
  • What are the values of the traditional in the era of new media?
  • Creating a new ecosystem of a digital and traditional blend 0 defining new fundamentals

  • Raymond Chan, Managing Director, Jiufu Financial Intelligence Service


Case Study: Killer Content – authenticity and compelling narrative as part of a brand’s storytelling

What do Indiana Jones, dinosaurs, Mars expeditions and a challenger automotive brand have in common? They were all part of an expedition INFINITI supported with the Hong Kong Explorers Club in the Gobi, using new technology to re-write how paleontology will be done in the future.

  • Trevor Hale, General Manager Global Communications, Infiniti Motor Company


Brand insights: Driving brand values through customer engagement using AI and automation

Learn more about what are the most powerful ways to drive customer engagement through artificial intelligence. Let's unravel the mystery around AI and press the right button to make the most out of AI-powered tools.

  • The impacts of artificial intelligence on branding
  • Identifying the right technologies for continual engagement
  • Using AI as a leverage tool for brand's sustainability


Networking lunch


Panel Discussion: Building a brand on ethical values

We notice an increasing awareness towards brands being ethical and socially responsible and socially responsible, yet it is still a niche area in Hong Kong. We also know that the buzz is not going anywhere - the question is, can a brand be powerful enough to evoke a socially responsible consumer movement?

  • Exploring the concept of ethical branding - defining values, principles and future outlook
  • Does being ethical bring a competitive advantage?
  • Taking a stance towards political and social concerns - yes or no?

  • Mildred Wong, Director of Brand and Field Marketing, Hyatt Hotel


Case Study: A successful rebranding strategy – how to maintain brand identity in a pool of new variables?

Is it necessary to rebrand? Explore when is the right time to undergo rapid changes before it is too late. How to make sure your brand's ethos stay the same while adapting to a culturally specific ecosystem?

  • The challenges and opportunities of rebranding
  • How to craft a new cohesive story of your brand
  • How to solidify your brand's reputation without changing its roots


Networking break


Case Study: KOL 2.0 From Endorsements to Engagement

Influencer marketing is a huge part of China’s marketing landscape. Does the same apply to HK?

  • The evolution of KOLs and content creators
  • Gen Z content consumption on social
  • Key learnings when working with KOLs and content creators in online business


Closing keynote: The future of story-telling in a “skippable” world

While we may hear about story-telling a lot, it is constantly being challenged, reshaped and redefined. Explore how to create a resonating story in deeply digital-driven times that is our world today.

  • How to use your digital opportunity to build your brand?
  • What contributes to an effective brand strategy
  • Best practices for creating a better content in the midst of noise and clutter

  • Eva Ng, Industry Head - Brand, Google


Closing remarks