Bosch asks consumers to create dream kitchen on Insta Stories

Bosch Home Appliances Singapore has launched a “Legit Dream Kitchen” contest online to help people build and envision their dream kitchens on Instagram Stories.

This contest, which runs until 19 July 2019, comes as a follow-up to the Legit Small Kitchen campaign last month. The campaign looked to highlight that albeit the tiny kitchen spaces in Singapore, consumers do not have to compromise on the aesthetics and quality or size of their kitchen appliances. The first phase of the campaign also saw the launch of a brand video, which challenged a couple to complete their dishes in a fully equipped “legit small kitchen”.

For this second phase, Instagram users are issued the challenge to design their dream kitchens with Bosch’s stickers on Instagram Stories. The winner will be rewarded with a suite of Bosch Home Appliances and a kitchen design plan from Voila Interior Design. The campaign and contest was conceptualised by GOODSTUPH.

Chloe Zhang, assistant manager, online marketing/partnerships at Bosch Home Appliances Singapore, said many new home-owners have a knowledge gap in home and interior design, and struggle to visualise their future homes. “By hijacking Instagram stories as a platform for these millennial new homeowners to build their kitchens on, we wanted to create a tool that would not only be a fun and interactive way to engage and educate them about kitchen planning, but one that is accessible and intuitive to use as well,” she added.

Client: Bosch Home Appliances Singapore
Creative lead: Jayden Tan
Creative team: Jeremiah Tang, Kenneth Wong, Jesselyn Neo
Accounts strategy: Lee Weiling, Angela Ho
Illustrators: Soh Xing Hao, Ang Jun Zuan

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