BEA launches centenary celebration campaign with exhitibion at IFC

The Bank of East Asia has launched its “Centenary Celebration Campaign”, which included a host of activities and initiatives in the lead-up to the bank’s 100th anniversary in January 2019. It kicked off the campaign with the opening of the 100th Anniversary Exhibition to the Public at ifc Mall yesterday.

The campaign’s inaugural anniversary exhibition is held at the Oval Atrium of ifc Mall from 25 October to 1 November. It was designed to bring BEA’s storied history to life through engaging displays and innovative technology.

Visitors can learn about the bank’s important milestones across the last century via an interactive timeline wall, with special moments highlighted through animation. Rare historical items from BEA’s previously unseen archives are displayed. Visitors can also take augmented reality photos in front of a backdrop of the bank teller counter in the Main Branch of BEA’s iconic 1935 head office building.

The bank features a newly designed logo and tagline for this campaign. The centenary logo and tagline are inspired by the Bank’s rich history and close association with the colour red. The design draws on both the number 100 and the ancient Chinese practice of stringing coins together. The centre line represents the twine used to link coins, while also symbolising the thread of time joining BEA’s past accomplishment with its bright future.

The accompanying tagline “Today’s Success, Tomorrow’s Legacy” emphasises the past 100 years of achievement of BEA and the solid foundation that paves the way for success in the future. The anniversary logo and tagline will be applied to communications throughout the coming year both in Hong Kong and in other markets.

The campaign also includes an interactive 100th anniversary website, serving as a central hub for all anniversary-related events, brand stories, news, programmes, and promotions. In addition, a social media “KeepUp100” Facebook campaign has been rolled out to enhance engagement with the general public. Users can play a chatbot game, answering some questions about BEA, to win prizes.

“The arrival of our centenary marks the ideal moment to reflect on all that we have achieved. We are honoured to be sharing the legacy of the Bank with the wider public via our forthcoming centenary celebration campaign activities.” said David K. P. Li, chairman & chief executive of BEA.

“It is an opportunity to express sincere thanks for the unrelenting support of our loyal staff, valued business partners, stakeholders and customers who have stood by us as we have helped them weather the ups and downs of life,” Li added.

As part of the campaign, the Shanghai and Hong Kong Museum of Banking History will be opened in Shanghai in late November, and a gala dinner event will be held in Hong Kong in January 2019.

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