BBDO Malaysia launches its own show on YouTube

BBDO Malaysia has just launched its own show on You Tube called “Pulse On.”

Its first video, which is less than 3 minutes long, was published on 13 November (Sunday) and it talks about the origins and the meaning of Malay traditional clothing, Baju Melayu. The agency also roped in the e-commerce firm Zalora Malaysia to providing the clothing and images for the video.

The video was created by the agency’s new content and video unit called Pulse which was launched earlier this year.

BBDO Malaysia’s ECD, VJ Anand, told A+M that the channel aims to turn the agency’s insights and strategy into content so that it will “be more in tune with the local culture.”

Meanwhile, Jacqueline Raposo who is BBDO Malaysia’s head of content also added that the agency is working with brands that understand what it’s trying to do: “Our content is about building awareness. The partnership with Zalora was a natural for us. They’re a fresh, innovative brand that is keen to expand their own content from just click bait, or banner ads.”

For now, Raposo who is also the producer of the show, said its looking to feature current issues that resonate with the public: “The great thing about covering current events and culture is that it leaves you open to so many partnerships and collaborations.”

“We’re here on the ground and we don’t see anyone cataloguing what’s happening. There’s a gap between consumption, culture and knowledge. We’re looking to bridge that. If someone or something is making news, we want to explore that,” she added.

On that, the agency said it’s now in the midst of finalising its next video for the show which features an interview with lawyer and activist Siti Kasim.

Kasim is expected to share on how she uses confidence to motivate and be the best version of herself, and how young people today can tap on that important element to boost themselves.

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