Bausch + Lomb challenges Gen Z with emoji puzzles

“What’s the emoji?” is the question that Bausch + Lomb’s SofLens is asking Singapore’s Generation Z in a new campaign.

Working with Singapore-based independent creative agency BS Advertising, it  has shunned the more conservative marketing tactics often used by the contact lens industry. It has adopted a youthful and fun approach to re-introduce B+L’s SofLens brand to a younger generation of consumers who are more savvy about advertising.

The campaign includes retail and package design, mobile gaming development, 3D printed collateral and a social media partnership with YouTube video production company Night Owl Cinematics.

A key component of the B+L SofLens relaunch campaign is the interactive mobile game. Participants who successfully solve all the emoji puzzles are provided a code which they can use to claim a 5-day trial set of lenses at supporting optometrists. Participating optometrist outlets feature point-of-sale elements that embody the playful spirit of the campaign, and trial packs include limited-edition custom designed emoji stickers.

“Engaging a tough-to-reach audience like Gen Z is always a challenge,” said Denise Vander Vorst, head of marketing, Singapore at Bausch & Lomb. “But BS Advertising has been a great partner in helping us explore new and innovative ways of marketing.”

Dominique Butler, director at BS Advertising said:

“For this particular demographic, it’s a challenge. They speak in a combination of text and images, don’t watch television or buy into traditional media. That’s why we decided to go with a combination of emojis, mobile and gaming. Gen Z may distrust advertising, but they are willing to give you the time if they get something out of it and are entertained.”

“One of the most challenging parts of the campaign was getting all the elements to sync together,” Ed Walker, creative services director at BS Advertising said. “With so many components, you’ve got to be able to deliver a consistent brand experience that works on a mobile interface to actual trial lens packs.”

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