Baidu profits surge as online ad grows

Baidu reported a 46% jump in last year’s profit to RMB 11 billion.

Online marketing revenues for the fourth quarter of 2012 were RMB 6.3 billion, representing a 41% increase from the corresponding period in 2011.

The company reported to have 406,000 active online marketing customers in the fourth quarter of 2012. Revenue per online marketing customer was approximately RMB 15,500.

Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu, said this year is a time of innovation, creativity and opportunity in the internet industry.

“We are at the heart of the internet in China and we’re excited to embrace and lead the next stage of mobile- and cloud-centric internet growth.”

Li added the progress in 2012 has been led by integrating Baidu’s search and search-related products such as maps and image recognition into the company’s offering.

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