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AXA Asia’s head of marketing & digital exits to head insurance start-up

Matthias de Fe­rrieres has left ­­his position as head of marketing & digital of AXA Asia’s regional general insurance, as of December 2014, to head up a local insurance start-up, Stark Group.

De Ferrieres has spent almost 15 years in Asia’s insurance industry and joined AXA in 2001.

“I am looking forward to what is ahead as Stark Group will have the capacity to respond to the digital challenges my insurance partners will face. I guarantee some positive changes to come that will enthusiastically boost the insurance distribution,”said de Ferrieres.

Stark Group’s focus is to accelerate the digitisation of the insurance industry in Asia, focusing on the markets of Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The group of start-ups will assist organisations in developing customer-centric web apps for insurance acquisition, while commercializing a unique marketing distribution platform for insurance professionals in Asia.

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