Audi sets hearts racing with daring new campaign for R8

Audi is launching its super car R8 with a content marketing push and a large-scale on ground event. This is the brand’s biggest campaign in Singapore this year and is done in conjunction with its agency Publicis to execute both the content marketing and event aspects.

R8 is Audi’s top-end sports car and one in which it says its designers and developers have “succeeded in creating a car which embodies automotive perfection and unusual design.”

The luxury car brand also made sure participants wore a band that measures the consumer heart rate when they drive the cars and how much their emotions raised to create a personalised dashboards for the riders to see how they performed.

The design of the Audi R8 Coupé makes a clear statement. Muscular, clearly structured side lines emphasise its origin – in motor racing. Its exciting stylistic line with the characteristic sideblades makes a promise – powerful, irresistible dynamics –, which the car honours convincingly.To drum up anticipation for the event, Audi also worked with several local celebrities to create a video. The campaign will be running until the end of June.

“If we just buy beautiful pictures on traditional mediums, consumers might see the images and say it is beautiful and forget about it. There won’t be a relevance because not many will be able to afford or drive these cars. Hence we decided to do something simple but daring,” said Anna Bory, GM of marketing of Audi Singapore.

According to Bory the on ground event will be the biggest driving event ever organised in Singapore with 14 cars flown down from Germany with instructors. Audi is building a dedicated circuit for the event so the members of the public can also try out the cars on the circuit.


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