Astro banks on the theme of forgiveness for Ramadan ad [VIDEO]

Astro has launched yet another Ramadan and Syawal campaign titled, ‘Tiada Noktah Untuk Kemaafan’ (Forgiveness Knows No Bounds), in a bid to inspire forgiveness and compassion. The campaign is said to be aligned with Astro’s running theme of ‘Kosong-Kosong’.

One of the video spots for the campaign is a TV commercial that portrays the touching true story of Herman, a former drug addict, and his father.

This advertisement aims to explore the meaning of ‘kosong-kosong’ and the value of forgiveness by featuring Herman in his journey to seek forgiveness from his long lost father whom he had not seen in over six years. The reformed drug addict suffered a brain injury and paralysis as consequences of his substance abuse. The ad explores Herman’s attempt at reconciling with his father and his past through acts of forgiving and forgiveness.

With this ad, Astro aspires to challenge Malaysians’ mindsets while stressing on the importance of strengthening one’s relationship by seeking forgiveness from one another in this holy month.

Khairul Anwar Salleh, vice president, Malay business division, Astro, said, “Based on our observation, viewers are more likely to be touched by real life stories that revolve around us. The message that was delivered through this kind of stories is also laden with moral values to serve as a reminder and guidance to all.”

“Previously, Astro featured the stories behind celebrities such as Datuk Aznil Haji Nawawi, Erra Fazira, Aaron Aziz (2012), Nabil Ahmad, Johan, Hanis Zalikha (2013) and Zizan Razak, Lisa Surihani (2014), however, this time around we will be featuring ‘Real People, Real Stories’ and that would be the story of Herman. Perhaps many among us can take a leaf out of his life story,” he added.

Astro will also be dishing out more than 168 special programmes, including 143 new shows to celebrate the festive season through 16 selected Astro channels.

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