AsiaOne and Lianhe Zaobao make video content push with Zoomin.TV

Content and news sites AsiaOne and Lianhe Zaobao struck partnerships with digital media company Zoomin.TV to gain access to video content engaging Generation Z audiences. The collaboration will include video content from Zoomin.TV in two languages, English for AsiaOne and Chinese for Lianhe Zaobao’s digital platforms.

According to a reports on AsiaOne, Zoomin.TV’s Southeast Asia video content in English will be published on AsiaOne, whereas the digital platforms of Lianhe Zaobao will publish Zoomin.TV’s Chinese content.

According to an SPH press statement, the partnership will also allow Zoomin.TV to access to SPH’s reach on its news publications in print and on digital. SPH currently boasts access to 59% of Singaporeans over 15 years old on an average day via its print and digital platforms.

The move follows recent strides made by AsiaOne in May to shift its content strategy away from breaking news updates. This resulted in a revamped website and a new content strategy which focuses on social news and popular content, according to an editor’s note announcing the change.

Most recently, Zoomin.TV struck a partnership with Tencent in August to gain access to over 1.5 billion Chinese viewers. This followed the launch of its official WeChat account. Zoomin.TV is part of digital entertainment group MTG, and has a presence in countries such as Singapore, Beijing, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan and New York, to name a few.

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