ASEAN digital lead for Coca-Cola Rannajoy Roy exits

ASEAN digital lead for Coca-Cola Rannajoy Roy has exited the firm, with yesterday being the last day for the firm.

Roy held the role for over two years and was leading a set up for the social media centre for Singapore and Malaysia, as well as setting up social media teams across several Southeast Asian markets. The dashboard will equip the brand with social listening tools.

The move at Coca-Cola follows in the trend of major firms starting up their own digital hubs or social media hubs, such as Lenovo, Philips and Intel.

This was set up with the help of social software firm Expion. Roy confirmed his departure to Marketing, saying his was a contractual role.

A Coca-Cola spokesperson confirmed Roy’s departure but declined to comment further on roll outs for the social hub within Coca-Cola.

Roy was also part of integrated marketing team, he was managing through the line communications planning and social media activation for brands like – Coca-Cola, Coke Zero, Fanta, Minute Maid, Aquarius, Heaven & Earth, Glaceau Vitamin Water, etc.

Prior to his time at Coca-Cola, he was a business director at Ogilvy & Mather for over a year.

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