Asahi picks Dentsu for first campaign launch

With an eye set to ramping up its Asia expansion, Japanese-based brewery Asahi has worked with Dentsu Hong Kong to launch its first brand campaign in Hong Kong, with Daniel Wu as its first brand ambassador.

The year-long campaign marks its biggest brand effort since entering in Hong Kong in 2000, which will run on TV in Hong Kong and Macau.

Hotaka Suzuki, assistant manager, international business section at Asahi, said the unprecedented brand marketing push comes at the right time.

“We saw a big momentum in the sales volume of Asahi Super Dry in these years and consumers in Hong Kong have a pretty good image for ASD. In the situation like this, we judged we can make TVC a good catalyst for even bigger volume by raising awareness for the brand,” Suzuki said.

He added that Daniel Wu is the perfect ambassador, saying for his “cool, cosmopolitan and masculine” image most represents the Asahi brand.

To target the beer’s middle-class consumer base, the commercial takes the aim to blend the label’s Japanese tradition with a sense of Hong Kong modernity.

Walter Wu, associate creative director of Dentsu Hong Kong, said the agency’s approach was to promote the perfection of its products and the contemporary vibe of the brand at its neatest.

“There were three key assets of the brand that our client required in the brief, namely its quality, premium position and its unique angel rings (beer foam). We are tasked to include all of the virtues above in one ad.”

Wu said the “angel rings” being showcased in the ad at a prominent position play as a means to speak for the label’s fineness, as the chemical compound appears only when beer is in its finest condition.

“Clarity and simplicity are priorities in this commercial as this marks the first impression to our consumers, and angel ring plays a big part in it. We thought about using a storytelling approach but it would not but only distract the audience from learning the brand’s values.”

In addition to TV, the campaign will also run with print, OOH and below-the-line executions.

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