Fonterra looks for word-of-mouth recommendations

Fonterra’s Anmum Pediatric Milk Formula has worked with Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong to launch a social media campaign to create word of mouth recommendations from mothers.

Running on Anmum’s YouTube channel, Facebook page, as well as KOL’s Facebook pages, the video features smart toddlers’ talking on the phone to their toddler friends about wanting an kid milk powder brand that is not only good for them, but also tastes good.

Monitoring online conversations, Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong and Anmum Hong Kong uncovered a hot topic among mums is the taste of kidmilk powder. Based on this social insight, the campaign focuses on the message that Anmum kid milk powder has a ‘taste worth sharing’.

“In this campaign we emphasise Anmum kid milk powder’s accurate amount of sweetness, its smoothness and non-artificial taste – three very tangible, relevant and popular topics to mothers,” said Brucemond Chan, senior marketing manager, Fonterra Brands (Hong Kong).

“We wanted to find a relevant and interesting aspect of our product to hook our target audience. In collaboration with Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong, we identified the ‘taste’ of kid milk powder was a hot topic online,” she added.

The online campaign includes a viral video, campaign site, social media activations and strategically placed web and mobile banner advertising.

Consumers are encouraged to submit a photo and comments on the campaign site about Anmum kid milk powder to join a competition and win sample coupons and a luxury high chair. Comments can be shared via user’s personal Facebook accounts.

Cortina Sin, general manager, Hong Kong & Macau, Fonterra Brands (Hong Kong) Ltd, said: “While we are still extensively communicating our key differentiating ingredient GA (Ganglioside) through traditional channels, no other brand in the category is talking about taste. Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong has highlighted this attribute of our Anmum kid milk powder in an entertaining and emotionally relevant way.”

Adrian Li, business director of Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong, added: “We believe we have created a new and very fresh way of communicating within the kid milk category. This socially-focused campaign will inspire positive word of mouth around Anmum’s brand.

Campaign: Anmum – Taste Worth Sharing
Client: Fonterra Brands (Hong Kong)
General manager: Cortina Sin
Senior marketing manager: Brucemond Chan
Senior brand manager: Lihyi Lim
CRM manager: Kate Li
Assistant brand manager: Kitty Chow
Marketing assistant: Christina Mok
Medical Marketing Manager: Agnes Wong
Creative agency: Tribal Worldwide Hong Kong
Executive creative director: Jeffry Gamble
Creative director: Leung Chung, Vincent Tse
Senior art director: Vinza Chu
Copywriter: Joe Ting

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