AlipayHK goes full office love story to kick off product range campaign

AlipayHK has launched a love story themed campaign to engage Hong Kong’s younger generation, showcasing the benefits of using its mobile e-wallet tool.

Starring Hong Kong actress Ali Lee and actor Angus Yeung, the short film features a plot focused around a career-minded millennial lady’s romantic encounters with a 90s-born subordinate in the office. Divided into two parts, the short demonstrates AlipayHK’s products across different scenes, which aims to motivate consumers to find out more about what the app of AlipayHK can offer.

Prior to the official launch of the short, AlipayHK also invited several influencers, including writer Ong Yi Hing and model Jeffery Lai, to upload selfie videos to spark discussions online.

“It’s a pleasure to work with a brand that I see huge potential in. The advanced technology, the massive network, the comprehensive functions with strong software support have proved that AlipayHK is definitely capable of owning a forward-looking image. I believe AlipayHK possesses the “possibility” in leading the market,” said Desmond So, CEO of Uth Creative Group.

Other than the online video, AlipayHK will also launch TVC and OOH ads to reach the public, which will be capable of directing audiences to visit AlipayHK’s site to watch the full-version short film, and download the app.

Though some might see a plot centred around senior/junior office relations as a slightly bold choice in a post #MeToo era, the intended goal of the campaign does seem to be to hit traditional romance beats with a sincere tone and is bringing a cast and production quality of a level so as to sidestep any potential seediness.


Client Alipay Payment Services (HK) Limited
Chief marketing officer Yvonne Leung
Brand experience/ PM Johanne Chow
Senior marketing manager Andy Sze
Marketing deputy director Monerie Ning
Social media and digital Anna Chan, Keith Cheung
Creative agency Uth Creative Group Limited
Chief executive officer Desmond So
Business director Noel Yuen
Associate creative director Claudio Cheng
Account manager Noreen Mang
Art director Ching Yip
Copywriter Therese Tsui
Account executive Penny Yip

Film production

Director James Leung, Mutual Workshop


Photographer Jacky Chee, cheez photo workshop
Photographer Jack Lam

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