Airbnb banks on the authenticity of Chinese heritage masters for “Lost & Found” campaign

As travellers look for more authentic experiences, the tourism industry is shifting its focus onto the heritage of destinations. Airbnb has worked with several Chinese historical authorities to launch a campaign showcasing four examples of intangible cultural heritage.

The “Lost & Found” campaign aims¬†to preserve China’s heritage sites as masters hailing from traditional industries face an increasing loss of awareness and recognition for their craft by the general public.¬†Airbnb has identified and invited over 40 masters from the previous generation living in various cities and regions, to offer their expertise to Airbnb‚Äôs global travel community on its digital platform as an experience format.

“We want to inspire a combination of travel and participation of cultural heritage experiences, and encourage the younger generation to explore, care, and value the treasures of our traditions. Through our platform, the invitation of China‚Äôs masters to their heritage is extended to everyone around the world,” said Mia Chen, head of marketing of Airbnb China.

Airbnb has also launched a documentary featuring two filmmakers travelling across the country, documenting the meeting of four masters with students who discovered them via Airbnb. The film explores the human side behind handiworks, and the importance of apprenticeships to keep their spirits and dreams alive.

To further bring heritage to the attention of China‚Äôs millennials, Airbnb has collaborated with the UCCA Centre for Contemporary Art, China‚Äôs leading contemporary art institution, to build a physical ‚ÄúLost & Found‚ÄĚ exhibition in their museum venue. A group of modern artists and architects have created a series of exhibitions based on their personal Airbnb apprenticeship experiences, that incorporate interactive installations and workshops.

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