AIA looks to debunk insurance stigma with the right marketing campaigns

AIA Malaysia said it is debunking the negative connotation often associated with insurance through two of its successful campaigns, AIA Health Report Card and AIA Public Takaful Cubaan dan Rezeki.

The Health Report Card campaign tapped into the insights of the Asian obsession with report cards and the power of loved ones to spur those closest to them into taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, important for Malaysia which has the distinction of being the least healthy ASEAN nation in lifestyle related diseases.

On the other hand, AIA Public Takaful had an even bigger challenge in trying to get Malays to appreciate the importance of life protection. By tapping into the insight of Rezeki and the compelling narrative that the film created, the campaign was successful in creating an emotional connection for the brand with the particular segment.

“Understanding our audience and finding a meaningful way to connect them and working with our communication partners has been the secret to our success,” said Eric Chang, head of brand and digital at AIA.

Meanwhile, Tan Kien Eng, who is group chief executive of Publicis One Malaysia and chief executive officer of Leo Burnett Malaysia said that through great synergy between AIA, Leo Burnett Malaysia and Starcom Malaysia – they delivered campaigns that changed the negative stigma associated with insurance from a thought of something bad happening, to a more positive association through healthy living and prevention.

“The teamwork displayed during these campaigns bore fruit as evident through improvements in both brand metrics and sales results,” he said. Chang (pictured) added that its company, which provides life insurance products to individuals and businesses, understands the many challenges that people go through in life and how unpredictable it can be.

“Our aim is to demonstrate how we can support people through both life’s ups and downs, ultimately, enabling them to hold on to what’s most important – the health and security of their loved ones, and for themselves.”

To create lasting impact and real change in attitude and behaviour, AIA said it will continue to drive the healthy living agenda through the recent introduction of AIA Vitality, a unique health and insurance programme that rewards its users for making healthy choices with discounts on airlines, hotels and other lifestyle purchases, in addition to extra insurance coverage.




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