adidas Das Days for skateboarding fans arrives in Shanghai

Following the success of its debut run in Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paolo and Paris, “adidas Das Days” from adidas Skateboarding has launched in Shanghai with a series of streetlevel interactive programs and skateboarding community-based activities over nine days from 12 – 20 October.

adidas partnered with Jack Morton, global brand experience agency, to roll out a series of interrelated activities in Shanghai. Kicked off with “SHOWCASE X”, an art exhibition of street art from local emerging artists, the nine-day festival also includes a full day of skateboarding contests and challenges, a House Party featuring four rising live music acts, a tote bag screen-printing workshop, a skate movie night with cult classics and a global launch of adidas’ new product collaboration with the skateboard brand Alltimers, as well as an intimate skating session with KOLs and fans.

“What we’re doing is connecting, engaging and empowering the local skate community in Shanghai. Das Days is a community-driven event by skateboarders for skateboarders. China has a really interesting scene, slightly underground, but emerging here and there in pockets across the country. And it’s growing with Shanghai right at
the very center of the action,” said Glenn Walker, director of Action Sports, Asia-Pacific at adidas Skateboarding.

Walker added that “Das Days is not about making a huge noise. It’s about getting to the core of what skateboarding is all about and giving the community a voice. It’s street-level and it’s downtown slap-bang in the middle of the city. And it’s a whole lot of fun.”

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