Adabi clarifies Sup Bunjut spice packet is ‘black magic free’ in witty FB post

Sup Bunjut, a spice packet by food production company Adabi Consumer Industries (ACISB), has recently been thrust into spotlight after being featured in TV3’s drama Nur.

In a recent episode of the drama, one of the characters accused another of casting a spell on members of the family by placing something in their food. She then proceeds to dig out an ingredient as proof of black magic, much to the amusement of the other family members, who pointed out that the ingredient she was holding came from the spice packet Sup Bunjut.

In response to the episode, ACISB has cheekily clarified on Facebook that the spice packet is “black magic free”. The post garnered over 13k reactions, 14,897 shares and 1.7k comments at the time of writing, with netizen reactions being mostly positive, praising ACISB for its good marketing strategy.

In a statement to A+M, Media Prima’s spokesperson said this was not part of a product placement done by the brand. A+M has reached out to ACISB for additional comment.

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