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A holiday message from Marketing Magazine and A+M

2017 has been monumental for the industry in too many ways to list in a single holiday message, but it has likewise been a big one for us at Marketing Magazine and A+M.

Just to give you a sample of some of the highlights that 2017 has birthed, in Singapore, the Agency of the Year Awards turned 10 – another milestone of which we are incredibly proud. 10 years of celebrating the best in the business has been fantastic, so here’s to another glamorous decade of local marketing. What’s more, we launched the MARKies awards, a bastion of creativity that unearthed and celebrated Singapore’s leading campaigns.

In Hong Kong, for the first time in history, an independent agency won Agency of the Year – a momentous event that exemplifies how much the industry has changed in the short time since we last signed off around this time last year. Moreover, we’ve seen campaigns with chatbots, with VR, with AR, powered by AI – the list goes on. Gone are the days when Hong Kong could complain about lagging behind.

Over in Malaysia, we launched NEXT Malaysia, which paid homage to marketing innovation and how marketers can embrace emerging technologies. It was a year of excitement around digital, and 2018 will be an even more eventful one given the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, we had our Digital Marketing Indonesia conference for the third time running, attended by around 300 industry folk. This comes at a time where Indonesia is knee-deep into its 2020 Go Digital Vision campaign, and mobile penetration is at an all time high. In the year ahead, we will go in-depth, featuring the industry’s power players.

Online, we managed to hit record breaking number in terms of audience numbers, and all this is thanks to you – our readers.

And all that’s just about us – and it doesn’t even begin to cover all of our special moments, let alone the industry’s.

Not to worry, though – we know it’s next to impossible to stay on top of everything that happens in marketing. So as we take a short break from the hustle and bustle, we’ve rounded up newsletters containing all the year’s top stories for you to enjoy throughout next week as we head into an exciting new year.

And looking forward, we have a collection of events ready to go after the holidays to properly blast into 2018, starting with Mob-Ex Awards in Singapore on 9 February, and Mob-Ex Awards Hong Kong on 23 March.

We will be back online on 2 January, so in the meantime we wish you an amazing holiday, filled with great food, drinks, friends and family.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us!

With love,

The Marketing Magazine and A+M team.

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