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Fresh Vicky Lau

A fresh angle on branded videos

Branded videos are becoming more popular for brands competing looking to get more bang for their digital marketing dollars.

And, despite the image of exclusivity maintained by luxury brands, they too are jumping on the bandwagon.

Luxury skincare brand Fresh began producing its ‘Fresh Moments’ branded YouTube videos in 2010. While the videos were often unrelated to skincare, subtle product placement was weaved into the videos.

Its first video in the ongoing Fresh Moments initiative featured the brand’s co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg.

“We debuted the series in 2010 with a spotlight on a day in the life of Lev and I,” Roytberg said.

“Filmed at both the Union Square flagship store and our country home in Woodstock, Vermont, the video features our moments of inspiration, creativity, love and laughter. It captured our passion not only for Fresh but for life in general.”


Moving forward from that first video was to produce others showcasing brand ambassadors and an inside look into their lives.

“We profile dynamic people who embody our brand’s spirit and ask them to share what inspires, excites and drives them,” Roytberg said.

“By giving guests an authentic look at the lives of a brand ambassador, we are hoping to evoke feelings of warmth, passion, and curiosity, all of which form the core of our brand. The videos aim to enhance brand awareness and build an emotional connection with our guests.”

Few formal ads make up Fresh Moments, which is a digital-heavy campaign.

In Hong Kong, the brand plans to launch at least a video every year.

“In Hong Kong, we have done both ad videos and pre-roll ads for a broader reach and to drive viewership, rather than simply posting a brand video on our YouTube channel,” Roytberg said.

The latest Fresh Moments brand video featured Korean pianist Michelle Kim.

Roytberg said, “Michelle Kim embodies the Fresh spirit. She is an accomplished artist with an authentic, charitable heart and a vibrant passion for life.

“Not only is Michelle an incredibly talented pianist who has performed in concert halls around the world but she also founded a local charity to support the next generation of young artists.”

The 2013 Fresh Moments video featured a day in the life of Michelin-starred chef Vicky Lau, from her walks in the countryside to garnishing a dish and preparing for a busy night at the restaurant.

Product placement

The Vicky Lau video showed close-up shots of Fresh products and Lau wearing perfume and asking her restaurant guests to try it out.

Meanwhile, product placement in the Michelle Kim video showed her opening Fresh packaging with her child and applying a Fresh product to her skin.

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